National Wood Treating Company gains much of our experience in maintaining over 500,000 utility poles over the past 33 years. Including 10 plus years experience in participating in Oregon State University’s Forest Research Laboratory in improving the service life of wood in harsh conditions gives us the ability to extend these findings to clients. We continue to be well connected with the research team at OSU that gives us the ability to provide high quality consulting services to customers.

When you call us about treating poles, pilings, bridges or piers, we put together an estimate that describes the treatment needed and the cost. On more involved jobs, we visit the site to give you a more accurate bid. Once the bid is accepted, we schedule a crew to complete the work.

At National Wood Treating Company, we offer our services both nationally and internationally. We are currently licensed and have done work in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California.

Contact us immediately to implement inspection and maintenance of your wood structures. Our comprehensive treatment program will protect your wood members from further deterioration and also identify those that need reinforcement or replacement.

For additional information or to arrange for an estimate contact us at:

Guy Helsing
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National Wood Treating Co.
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