Guy Helsing, founder and president for over 30 years. OSU Pioneer Team that researched maintenance of wooden bridges, structures, piling and poles.

Pole Inspectors:

  • Trained to identify NESC violations
  • Trained to evaluate pole and hardware conditions.
  • Licensed applicators use fumigants to arrest and prevent internal decay.

Data Management:

  • Use field data collection hardware and pole inspector software in the field.
  • Will manage your pole inventory reporting conditions and provide customized to fit utility needs.


  • Upon request a review of cradle to grave management.
  • Development of specifications to meet your needs unique to your system.

We have been providing pole inspection and maintenance services to utilities for over 30 years in Oregon and surrounding States.

  • NESC Detailed Inspections
  • Ground Line Pole Inspection & Treatment
  • Climbing Inspection & Treatment, Woodpecker Hole Repair
  • GPS for Pole Locations
  • Numbering, Guy Guard & Ground Protector Install, Etc.
  • Complete, Customized, or Simplified Record Keeping Systems

We will customize our services to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Decay in pressure treated timbers gets started in seasoning checks and man-made cuts and holes. Field cut timbers require end treatment and internal fumigation preventing them from severe decay!

Fumigants move through wood as a vapor to eliminate wood destroying fungi and insects.

Contact us immediately to implement inspection and maintenance of your wood structures. Our comprehensive treatment program will protect your wood members from further deterioration and also identify those that need reinforcement or replacement.

For additional information or to arrange for an estimate contact us at:

Guy Helsing
National Wood Treating Co.
P.O. Box 3418
Albany, Oregon 97321